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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


We're ready for whatever the bees are doing!

Call us for all of your bee needs!

There are bees in my tree! There are bees in my wall! There are bees in my birdhouse! How do I save the bees?  Call/text us - We provide fast, efficient, and effective live bee removals.

Where do I find raw local honey in the Tampa Bay FL area?

Visit us at a local market or order directly from our site.

I need bees to pollinate my crops. Call/text us – we rent our bees locally to farmers.

I want to become a beekeeper. Where can I buy bees? Right here! We sell bee NUC’s.

How do I find a bee mentor? Right here! We also can help you learn about bees.

I need a beekeeper to talk to my scouts, school, or club about bees. Yep, we do that too!

Bees at Work


Serving the entire Tampa Bay area!

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