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A Growing Community

We bought our first 2 hives in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the bees. Through splitting the hives and performing live honeybee removals we have grown our bee operation from those first 2 hives to over 80 hives in just a few short years. We can help you with all your bee needs. We provide bee removal services, sell honey, sell bees, provide pollination services, and give educational presentations on bees. We are Ready 4 Anything the Bees are doing!

Beekeeper vacuuming bees in open beehive in a tree

David – The Live Honeybee Removal Expert

David has a strong background in mechanics, maintenance, and construction and therefore knows how things are put together and built. He figures out the easiest and best way to open and access internal cavities in structures to get the bees out with the least amount of damage to the structure. He assesses the situation, makes a plan, gathers his tools, climbs the ladders, cuts open the structures, vacuums the bees, and makes it all look so easy.

Jennifer – The Bee Caretaker Goddess

Jennifer has a strong scientific background and loves taking care of the bees. Bees don’t read the same books we do about “what bees do”, so there’s always a surprise when you start opening hives to check on them. You go to the bee yard expecting to do a certain task and when you open the hive, the bees throw you a curveball. There are so many factors that affect what’s going on inside the beehive. You have to think quick, run through a gazillion scenarios in your head, problem-solve, and take action all in the course of minutes (and sometimes with dozens of angry bees trying to sting you).

Beekeeper by a beehive holding a bee smoker
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