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A bee NUC is a nucleus colony of bees which is ready to start a new hive. 


Three sizes available:

5 frames of drawn comb: 2-3 brood, 2-3 pollen/nectar & a queen


Bee NUC’s

  • Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the products. Returns and/or replacements are evaluated on a case by case basis. 

  • Bee NUC’s can be delivered to you in the Tampa Bay area for $10-$50 depending on your distance from 11526 Grovewood Blvd, Land O Lakes, FL 34638 or you can pick up them up. 

    You can use one of our NUC boxes to transport the bees to your location for a $20 deposit (refundable when you return the box) or you may bring your own box and transfer them into your box onsite.

    Shipping not available on Bee NUC's.

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